A Tour of Agate Ridge Vineyard

We stopped in Medford on our very last leg of our epic Oregon road trip and were so lucky to stay with our friends Matt and Ashley. We met these two when they were our neighbors in Eugene and it’s awesome to still call them our friends more than three years later! Last time we saw them they were getting married on the beautiful Agate Ridge Vineyard property. This time we got a tour! There was a massive forest fire brewing in Southern Oregon so the air quality was not-so-great, but the beauty of the Rogue Valley was still astounding.

Can’t say I’ve ever gotten a tour of a vineyard by the head winemaker and marketing and sales manager. We tasted Matt’s delicious Pinot, got a tour through the vines, and got an update on what’s ahead for this awesome family run winery. We went home with a bottle of Agate Ridge’s DK Reserve and I can’t wait to drink it! It’s tucked away in a safe spot until we find a good reason to pop such an amazing bottle open.

Thank you Agate Ridge and Matt and Ashley for ending our trip on such a high note!



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