Suddenly Portland

Etai and I are officially Portland residents! A little more than two weeks after I accepted an offer at an awesome creative agency, we have moved in to a cute little red house in Northeast Portland. I start my new job on Monday!

It’s funny because this blog actually started after I had a few too many favorite photos to share after our week long road trip to Oregon. These photos have been sitting around, waiting for me to post, so it’s funny that they actually came into the queue only a few days after moving to this wonderful city. 

After four years in Eugene for me, and five years for Etai, Oregon is always where we saw ourselves landing. The people, the food, the art, the SPACE we have in our new place, the beautiful trees that surround us and the lack of sales tax are just a few of the greatest things about Portland so far. I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for Oakland, but I definitely feel like Portland is where we’ll be able to grow roots. Stay tuned for more!



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