Portraits of Puppies

I always tell people that I like animals more than humans, and I’m always skeptical of people who don’t like dogs. Here are some of my favorite recent film portraits I’ve taken of pups I know and love, with a little blurb about each of them. 


Butters the mini bulldog is my godchild! I was with one of my oldest friends Kristina when she took this guy home from Vegas (that’s quite a story in itself) and I totally fell in love with him. Besides the fact that he is the dopiest dude I know, he is also the most popular pup I know. Follow his adventures with his brother Bodhi on their Instagram @bulldogstuff! Now that I live in Portland, I can’t wait to see more of this sweet little guy. 


I met Brixton this summer on our road trip through Oregon. Brix lives on a beautiful piece of property (I blogged photos of it here!) with our friend Jessie and basically hangs outside all day among chickens and trees with his owner. According to the shelter he was adopted at, Brix is part Bull Terrier, part Australian Cattle Dog. I’ve never seen that combo before, but it makes for a really sweet and loyal companion, from what I can tell. 


Charlie the Boston Terrier was my next-door neighbor for two and a half years in Oakland. He was just six months old when we moved in, so we got to see him grow up from a crazy puppy, to a sweet, patient and polite dog. Living next to Charlie gave me hope that we can one day own a dog, despite our somewhat grouchy cats. The three of them got along really well.


Buddha is an INCREDIBLY gentle Chow Chow mix. He is friendly, quiet and snuggly; pretty much everything you would want in a big dog. Buddha lived downstairs at the apartment complex we lived at in Oakland, and could always be found sunbathing in out in our backyard, with Charlie by his side.


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