The Columbia River Gorge in November

If I told you that we’re getting married within two miles of every one of these photos, would you believe me? The Columbia River Gorge became a special place for Etai and I right away when we moved to Portland, and I can’t believe we’re actually getting married in this beautiful corner of the world.

The following photos were taken at Bridal Veil Lakes (where we’re tying the knot!), Bridal Veil Falls, and overlooking Rooster Rock on the Columbia River. My brother Dakota was in town for Thanksgiving weekend and it was fun to actually show someone the place we’re getting married. For a guy who isn’t much into weddings, it meant a lot to hear him say the venue is “epic.”

I’m a little hopped up on wedding energy right now because just this week we had an engagement party in San Diego, I asked my bridal party to join me on my big day,  I bought my freaking wedding dress (I can’t believe that one) and I also bought Etai’s ring from our jeweler Digby and Iona. It’s all coming together and I’m pumped! I know this little drag off Interstate 84 is going to be a place we come back to for the rest of our lives.



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