One Year of Film Photography

One year ago this week I started playing with a Minolta x700 analog camera. Oh, what a year it has been! From Oakland and San Francisco, to Florida, New York, Oregon  and San Diego, I snapped photos the whole way through the year.

There is something about the element of surprise with film photography that is so refreshing, especially in a world where you can get anything you want from the push of the button. Having this blog has been such a positive creative outlet for me, and has pushed me to continue taking pictures, even when I don’t really feel like it!

In the new year, I’ll definitely continue “playing” and will make a concerted effort to actually learn more about film photography. I have had my share of ruined images, camera malfunctions and incorrectly loaded film in this past year of trial and error. Truth be told, I’m still learning what went wrong in those situations. In the meantime, here are my top 10 favorite photos that I’ve taken this year, in no particular order.

Special thanks goes to my fiancé Etai who gifted me with my camera and encouraged me to get creative with photography.



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