Kitties at Home

Having mostly grown up around dogs, I didn’t quite know how much personality cats could have. Mowgli, our little brown tabby with white paws, can be timid around strangers, but he has a huge personality when he is around people or animals that he’s confident around. The big guy Dilla’s personality is pretty clear for all to see, but what most people don’t get to see is how snuggly he can be. His favorite thing lately is to fall asleep with all of his weight on Etai’s head.

There’s something I love about the fact that, as indoor/outdoor cats, they still love to spend the majority of their time indoors. They recognize when the weather sucks and live it up when the sun is out. We’ve lived in 5 houses with each of them, and they always come back to be with us when the sun goes down or they get hungry for love and food. I love giving them that freedom, and trusting that they’ll always come home for dinner.



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