Sauvie Island Fall

Spring is coming, so I’ve uncovered a few photos from this past November, just to reflect on the changing seasons and to ponder on what’s to come (warmer weather, please!). Growing up in San Diego, and the last three years in Oakland, I didn’t experience “real” seasons. The weather is relatively nice year round in California, so you don’t really think much about how one season will impact your life in a different way than the next. In Oregon, the colors change, the weather changes, and the sun feels a little different on your skin when it’s out. It’s nice to notice time changing, and to look forward to the seasons ahead. I didn’t appreciate it as much when I was in Oregon for college, but I’m noticing why it’s special now that I’m back in the Pacific Northwest to live long-term.

Here are a few photos of a November day trip to Sauvie Island with Etai and my brother Dakota. Sauvie Island is a small island that consists primarily of farmland and wildlife, just 20 minutes outside of Portland. It’s nice and relaxing out there, with some fun little trails to the river. Can’t wait to go back this spring to see how it changes with the seasons! I’ve heard Summer time on Sauvie is the best!40300002403000034030001840300019


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