Our Oregon Coast Engagement

Today marks one year since Etai proposed on the Oregon Coast, and 44 days until our wedding. It blows my mind to think about how much has changed in one year. We moved hundreds of miles away, I started a new job, Etai moved to a new studio and started building another, we got to know new people, started new routines, and made big plans for the future, all while planning a wedding!

The exact location that Etai proposed is significant because it is the first place that we vacationed together as a couple (I added a couple photos of that day at the end!). Early on in our dating life, when we were super broke, Etai took me to the hotel in the background and we had a lovely romantic weekend together, even though we could barely afford it. It was so special to go back and reminisce on where we came from, how we have growth both individually and together, and to look ahead at where we’re going. When we went that first time, we also took fish eye photos together, so it was a super cute gesture for Etai to whip out a fish eye camera to take photos throughout the day of the proposal.



Us at the same location circa 2010:




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